The Many Benefits of Adding a UTE Tray to a Vehicle

Ute trays come in useful for commercial and personal use. Businesses in all different types of industries take advantage of ute trays as they are versatile and robust. Ute trays provide an increased load area, and they can be attached to a wide range of vehicles. In addition to creating more space, a ute can be modified to include other accessories such as ladder racks and canopies.

Additional Space

One of the main reasons why people invest in a ute is storage space. When you add a ute you create more load space which allows you to transport more stuff. They provide increased load space, and they are much more convenient than standard cars. When you install a ute onto the back of a truck, you can move all kinds of items, such as:

  • Furniture
  • Heavy tools
  • Bicycles

They are flexible and practical for all kinds of tasks.


Ute trays can be modified to suit your own needs. Although they come in a standard design, they can be customised in an endless number of ways. Some people worry about ruining their exterior space when they install a tray, but this does not happen as you do not have to make any compromise.

Commercial Purposes

Ute trays are perfect for all kinds of jobs. A one size tray can be easily customised to suit your line of work. No matter what industry you operate in, a ute tray will come in handy. You will find everyone from contractors to veterinarians using bespoke ute trays. In addition to being useful for commercial purposes, they can be used for leisure. The ute tray provides the perfect area for transporting surfboards, camping gear, bicycles, and a lot more.


Another great reason to invest in a ute is safety. For tradesmen, ute trays are incredibly useful as they can be customised to include lockable toolboxes that can safely store their work gear. We all know that some tools and equipment can be incredibly expensive and work vehicles are often targeted by thieves. Lockable units make it difficult to access important work items.

If you are planning on upgrading your ute tray or adding a new one, there are plenty of options on the market. You should have no issues finding one that fits your budget and that can be easily customised to suit your needs. Before you buy spend a little time researching your options.