Few Signs of Worn Track Bar

For safe and smooth operation of any kind of vehicle, alignment of various suspension parts is very critical. Track bar is one component that is meant for keeping the tires and also the wheels in correct lateral and longitudinal position.

The adjustable trackbar for lifted Super Duty is used on our vehicles along with coil-spring suspension system, which is designed to help other suspension parts to ensure reliability of operation of steering system.

The track bar will move the axles in our vehicle from the side to side. It is possible to adjust this assembly to make your steering and also ride smoother.

Track bar is generally consisting of bearing, bushings and a rod that can wear over a period of time. Few signs can develop when your track bar will fail or starts failing.

  1. Pulls in one side

When your vehicle will start pulling to one side while driving the vehicle, then it is an indication of worn out track bar. The problem of track bar starts with faster wearing of bushings or bearing at one side of vehicle as compared to other side.

Once such pulling starts, it will start damaging the tires, axle or brake assembly and also other suspension components.

  1. Difficult to turn

Another sure sign of worn track bar will be when it becomes difficult to turn your vehicle in one direction because track bar on your front side of vehicle is wearing, which causes problem with the steering column.

Due to wearing of track bar assembly, it will offer more torque on your steering column of your vehicle. Due to worn track bar, it becomes difficult to turn your steering wheel.

  1. Hesitation of steering

Another sign of worn out track bar can also be steering hesitation when the operator is able to turn vehicle in either direction, however the steering wheel requires more amount of turning than usual.

Worn out track bar will be taking much longer to engage with the tires and also with wheels. Often this is called “play” in steering wheel.

  1. Tire wobble or shudder

When track bar gets worn, the tires on vehicle will start wobble or shudder uncontrollably. Such symptom will develop in the bearing or bushings of track bar assembly.

Usually tie rod or the axle-track-bar bushings have extra space from steering assembly. As soon as higher speeds will be reached in the vehicle, the tires will start shudder while one is driving on normal driving conditions.